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Growing up, I did not have much options with clothings. My mother worked as a seamstress. Her side hobby was to make clothings for me and my sister. Her clothing designs were simple. From material choosing to design, she took her time and pick what she felt like was best for us. The young me was not entirely happy with she had for us. A part of that was that I did not get to have much of a say in all of it. I did not get to have an influence on what she chooses. The colors of the materials chosen were not particularly appealing. The materials were nice however. It wasn’t until after I get to explore the clothing market that I later realize that I really had it best with my mother’s creations. When I go to shops and shop for clothings, I often have to find the pieces that fits with my style. I realize that I am wearing someone else’s design that was designed to appeal to the population. Brand names, material, coloring, design, and theme is usually what influences our decision. But what is the meaning behind all of this? If there are any at all. I often can associate quality to brand names because it comes with a certain weight to its name. And if I were to break down quality, it comes down to who made the item, and how much heart they put into making the piece. Why would I pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to someone just for a name? For an item I do not know who has put together? For an item with an end goal to mainly make the most money out of the consumer? Nothing beats the quality and care a mother takes the time out for to make a piece of clothing for her family. And that is something money can not buy.

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