Restroom in restaurants

Let’s say you and your buddies are hungry. You guys scrambled to find a place to eat at. And without knowing the area any better, you turn to Yelp as a reference guide as an indicator on how good the food is. You’ve read the reviews and everyone is saying that their food is the BOMB. I do not know about you, but I tend to not trust Yelp for many reasons. Call me a skeptic or just a nonbeliever. Platforms that have business interests stemming from relationships with other businesses first, and then public perception after just do not cut it with me. I do not like to be swayed. Ten people can tell me that the sky is violet and I will refuse to accept it as my truth. Not even a thousand.

Not sure if it is because I have garbage bladder or just my intolerance to sensitivity down there, I have a high chance of visiting the restroom shortly after entering into any eatery. This had me building up a good habit anyway, since who wouldn’t want to wash their hands before eating, right? Before I jump into the main point, I would like to give you an idea of what I want to talk about by bashing on restrooms at fast food chains. They are hideous. Unless, it is located in the beverly hills (???) or some other high end rising utopia, the restrooms at fast food chains are disgusting. By now, pretty sure we can agree (after reading this post) , regardless what improvements the chains make, the foods are BY DEFAULT garbage. Anyway, I want to begin by saying that how the business treats their own restrooms will reflect on their overall quality. This goes for the food quality and for the production quality. What can we infer about our experiences in restrooms? For one, I can personally tell you for me at least, I will feel more at ease doing my business in there. For another, if it is clean, at least it’ll feel they “try” to assure your comfort for user experience. But oh my god, if that restroom looks like crap, you DO NOT want to know what it looks like in the kitchen. A simple google search will lead you to many articles referencing that in fact, the place with the most germs is actually not the restroom. It is in the kitchen! As a kid growing up, I actually like to eat out. It is a nice way to hang out with friends. But with tight parental controls and financial senses kicking in, I actually don’t eat out as much as some of my other peers. Now I am in my thirties, and I deeply see the importance in balancing these qualities in my life. And maybe even yours. After all, you are a product of your decisions.

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