Raising people is like growing flowers

Growing flowers is a lot of work. So many factors come into play when growing flowers. As the caregiver of baby flowers, we worry about the soil that we are using to plant the flower in. We worry about the amount of water we use when watering them. And we worry about sunlight and grooming as well. Different flowers have different needs. For some flowers, no matter how proper the soil is and adequately watered they are, they are hard to grow. I guess some flowers are just more picky about their living environment. For some flowers that are growing, but is having a hard time despite of soil and watering, will need extra support grounding it to help it stand up nicely. Whatever the final product is, there will be no flowers if there is no work in growing. Flowers of its natural habitat is groomed and cared for by nature. Flowers outside of that is groomed and cared for by people like you and me. Without our work, even if there is a will to live, the flower will still go bad.

The lifecycle of a flower from seed to full grown flower is a fraction in time of what an average human is. But in many ways, it is the same. Flowers and other plants take much less time per stage in life cycle. And by comparison, it can almost feel like growing flowers compared to raising human babies is like instant gratification for growth, except that the growth of humans go through the test of time. Like soil, the place people grow is important. Some of the factors going into this may be weather, air quality, safety, values and culture. Like flower grooming, in human terms, parental caring, nurture, education, wisdom guidance, spiritual and soul is to be provided for growing nice humans. Raising people is like growing flowers, but with more steps and more time. Time should be emphasized with an exclamation mark here! People go through test of time tougher than most living beings. However, one day we may wake up and make a few bad decisions and things can go bad. Time after time, when the “raising” is done right, we see beautiful humans.

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