The truth you need to hear

No one really likes to hear the truth. We are just all prone to and a sucker for hearing sweet things about us. And sometimes, we like to ignore everything but only choose to accept sweet deliveries of recognition. This cannot be good for us. The truth can be bitter if it does not align to your ideals. You know what else is bitter? Bitter melon is bitter. Also known as bitter gourd, they help reduce and regulate body sugar levels. While I do agree that it is nice to be tactful when communicating, it is also important to be aware of the impact of masking deliveries in extremely unrealistic and seemingly honest ways. After all, we do not know how others really perceive things but our own. I sometimes choose to not say anything if I cannot find an effective delivery. Not all ideas need to be addressed. It is better to address it right than to distort. Because for all matters, only after accepting comes true improvement. We cannot figure out everything without getting information from others. And communication is everything.

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