Light in the darkness: Lettuce of the hamburger

To some people, vegetable doesn’t really taste good. It comes off as bland. Our reactions to greens may be insensible and even unexciting. But it is good for you. Burgers serve a function, and that is to serve as a meal for many people. Supposedly, it provides a variety of different nutrients that satisfies many of our bodily needs. But is it enough? Lettuce is good for you, we all know that. Our daily recommended intake should be around 2-3 cups. A burger really have like a fraction of that. It does, however, satisfy hunger. You can probably see what I mean by light in the darkness here. The point I want to make here is that we are seeing more and more of his problem today in all facets of solution to problems. If we were to compare a meal to a business, the purpose of a meal is to satisfy your hunger as to a business is to solving your problems. In our workforce today, we are seeing so many burger systems everywhere. Everything is rushed so quickly to solve as many problems as fast as possible burger style. Often after eating a burger, we feel bloated. Sometimes we feel nauseated from so much greasy and oily food. It is a bad feeling, like near sickness. I’ll tell you it is because we gotta balance it out with vegetables. Facts? Look it up yourself or dig in onto your own experiences. How we feel cannot lie. Every system out there has a combination of ingredients that makes it a nice brand, which gives us a nice feeling. Every system also have its own lettuce, which is enhances it. However, not all burgers need lettuces to make it work, which in my opinion leaves a distasteful feeling. That really isn’t the problem. The problem is that we do not seek for the lettuce during or after a purpose has been served and bigger problems build up. The humble lettuce may be neglected. It does not try to change itself to fit in because it is uniquely itself. And it doesn’t let you down when you seek for it. Unless you let it expire lol. Be like lettuce. Going down that path inside your body, the lettuce is truly the light in the darkness.

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