Feeling lost in life? Fear not

Often when we consult with friends, it is easier to talk about people and things and ideas. Because there is so much color to this world and so much to explore and learn about. Understanding your world is next as we absorb all that there is to offer. Time is fair to everybody. A second gone for me is the same second gone for you. We are all creating our own world at the same rate as anyone else. It is not easy to open up to anyone that we may be feeling lost in life. Not everyone has a way to create a world of their own. When we look at the foundations of civilizations, countries, companies or families, there is one trait in common and that is values. Finding yourself, your meaning, defining your values will help you feel less lost in life.

No one is born knowing what they want to do. Often, in the past whenever I bring up the topic of feeling lost, I had helpful friends to guide me. They ask me what is it that I want to do. I was guided to find out why I like to do certain things. For those that are a bit inexperienced with the different shades of color the world has to offer, one might be advised to “find yourself” through means of traveling or through working. This can sound very vague. How is anyone able to “find yourself” without elaboration or feeling lost. I think perspective changes can be helpful. Instead of trying to find out what we like to do, we can ask ourselves what is it that we do not want to do. At least this should give us a better understanding of ourselves. This is identifying our own boundaries and values. We are lost in life when we violate those values of what we find meaningful and self defining. And when we hold onto our personal values, and through test of time, we will be able to find a place we call our own world or some would call it home.

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