Good behavior of tomorrow

I believe young people are the world’s future. Both physically and figuratively. That is because these are the people that will one day make decisions that will affect the next generation of younger people. Nurturing is a seamless phase that will require time and patience and understanding. Good behavior is likable. It is nurtured. And that responsibility should predominantly fall under parents and it is also a lifelong work.

Child development theories

In many parts of the world, teachers are looked up upon as a respected profession. That is because aside from teaching the standard curriculum of which will aid students in academic success, teachers also hold a civic duty as a mentor or guardian to instill and ensure teachings of proper behavior. In some parts of the USA, at least in California where I grew up, students in public schools have report cards that come with two measurements. Students are graded on their academic performances and on their conduct. Our teachers already have so many responsibilities, to meet with educator’s guidelines and expectations in the sense of teaching curricular knowledge, in 6 hours of school hours a day for over 20 students. I believe there is not enough time and resources for an average teacher to properly address and instill good behaviors a child needs to learn to do good as an adult as this becomes harder as the children move up in grade. And they usually don’t have the same teachers as they move up.

Children’s behavioral health neglection?

Big big big majority of those who are under the age of 18 fall under the guardianship of those who are in the working class between age 25-54. And unfortunately, this happens to be the age group of people who are working an average 40.2 hours a week. And to add onto the findings, married men work 4 more hours than those never married, and women an extra 1.7 hours than those never married. This means even less time for parents to be with their children, after factoring in the average time to commute to and from work of 1 hour a day. To my findings, most of the workforce starts work before 8 in the morning, which happens to be the average time school starts, which means even less time children are spending with their parents. And who knows even during the time, while parents are with their children, what the parents will be more focused on for their personal growth. It doesn’t help that academic standards have increased to match up with the ever-increasing difficulty of being able to get a job in the world run by complex algorithms, which probably leads to encouragement of the young ones to spend more time on critical thinking rather than on other activities that allow assessment of conduct.

Young children spend 4-6 hours a day on devices, and teens spend up to 9 hours a day. I think there is room for strategic insertion here, as people who have control over the content that are released onto the public, for the improvement of their future lives. And I believe as adults, we need to maintain good behavior for children to follow. I highly value right and wrong from the root of love and from the standpoint of thinking about others first. Through consistency in believing and acting from love, we will manifest what we believe and others will see and truly be inspired. Regardless of occupation and status or ranks, anyone can set the example. After all, we are all someone else’s son or daughter and maybe one day become someone else’s parent.

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