Career exploration: your RPG character

I’m sure by now we have been exposed to something called role playing games. Over the years, the gaming industry for role playing games has evolved a lot. There is always a story and seemingly some kind of objective. It has went from slow grind – hard work pays off type of system to now instant gratification reward system. However, if there is anything that remains the same, that would be the character types. I actually think the character we choose to play in games has a lot to do with helping career exploration. We’ve probably tried out all types of characters available just because we’d like to explore the different types of fun that comes with it. Typically, the most basic characters are warriors, mages, healers, archers, and rogues. And for fair play, there’s usually checks and balance designs which prevents one person from having too much fun over another. Each character is different by nature and can succeed at group exploration tasks from which the player brings out through his or her cognitive and execution skills. Unless you work for yourself and by yourself, which is pretty much like playing shooting and racing games solo, the work force has some kind of similarities to these group gaming dynamics. And I think whatever characters we prefer to play will gives off subtle ideas of our career path. Keep in mind I’m more focused on the role preferred at work and not the industry preferred. Please don’t be confused. In another post, maybe, I’ll write my thoughts on choosing industries. The idea is correlated to the story in which the game is built upon.

What is your work style?

This is what I’ve personally associated to the different types of characters:
Warriors: Operation workers
Mages: Visionary, Creatives
Healers: Supporting positions, Culture folks
Archers: Organizers, Managers
Rogues: The sales workers (lol), and basically any role that are meant to actively make or save money

Don’t use this as your career exploration guide as it’s strictly my opinion. What I assigned to the character’s are just a preference that I think we subconsciously would like to be doing and would feel at peace doing so. After all, if we can identify a certain type of character we rather be playing, at least that tells you that you have a certain style preferred. While you may be jack of all trades, being good at all characters or even saying I don’t really care and will play any character, is just unrealistic. The roles of a healer will have to respect the roles of the archers and let them do what they do. Simply because they aren’t playing the archer character. You may naturally prefer to play the role of a warrior but because the money is just far better as a mage, you’d given up on your preference. But keep in mind, with checks and balances in place, with some gains, there will be other aspects in which we lose something. Maybe it’s health, and maybe it’s time. Whatever it is, we should do the best in the career path we have followed with, because we chose it for ourselves and we owe it to the team in respect of the task we choose to succeed in.

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