Time and energy: Dating an extrovert or introvert?

When we begin to date a person, one of the biggest concerns we have is compatibility. For many people, they do not know where to begin assessment. Some people turn to personality assessments. MBTI gives us the general idea of what we focus our energy onto. The initial framework they have would begin from questions they have asked and common interests and exploring the values of each other. For everything that we do, we consume energy. And energy takes up time. What else takes time? Building a relationship takes time. Only time will tell whether a pair is compatible or not. And only through time, will we really know what we value for our own. Extroversion and introversion is really a management of balancing our own time and energy, an idea in essence is MBTI compatibility. And whether you should date one or the other is how you want to balance your own time management and energy to the other person’s.

Human nature is beautiful. The freedom of having a choice reacting to this world, how we want, is beyond sacred. And how we react to this world shapes up our personality. To each our own, we all go through different journeys. We have been encountering people and reacting to them ever since we have been alive, beginning with our parents. Our parents are one of the first people in life to give us an idea how we want to spend our energy. Time is excluded because time is not within our control under their care during infancy. Every response we send out, active or passive, shapes up the identity to ourselves and to others.

Managing time and energy

We humans are social beings. Whether we are extroverted or introverted, there is a longing to be within reasonable comforting distance to another human being. With so much information bouncing in the atmosphere, created by human beings and for other human beings, one can only refrain for so long until these socially encrypted information finally bounce into our head. Interacting with others is a learning experience. Exchanging information with another is like playing table tennis, bouncing the ball from one end to another. For some, playing while performing cool spin moves in between, brings both party joy generate lots of energy. Admit it, whether you’re intro or extro, that exchange is a good feeling to have. The extroverts are the type of personality that does not mind playing with many others and giving off a lot of energy. While the introverts are the type of personality who chooses to play with a selected few and saves a lot of energy. While there are no cons to either type, the energy consumption levels of those involved and depth of information exchanged may vary.

Energy can be consumed both physically and mentally. Both are equal and varies depending on our bodily capacity. Since we know that introverts are a bit more “in the head”, their mental energy are more likely to be in consumption, so this does not mean they will always have excess energy stored. In life, if we were to divide up our time by our top usages of energy, most likely time will be spent on work, family, and friends. Work consumes most of our energy. There is not a single line of work out there that does not require interactions with people, just more or less. The less energy consumed, the more energy we would have for other things such as friends and family. When we are choosing a romance partner, we should figure whether this person is more career orient or if the person is more family orient. Because if all energy is equal, the person’s commitment will tell us what is leftover for the others.

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