Time to move on: Do you need a new environment?

Maturity calls

There is a way that we act at home. We also act differently in front of our friends and at work and as well with strangers. While the common basis should be respect, the fine distinction is the understandings that lead us to interact and click with those groups. As time has come, we move on to different phases of life and we interact with different groups of people. Is it time to move on? People will come into our lives, and people will mature. Each person’s upbringing is different. Each person’s aspirations is also different. Those who share similar opinions and values, sticks around each other for longer times than those who’s opinions and values differ. As we grow, our philosophy changes. And as the philosophy changes, those who once shared similar views as us will seemingly become more distant. And we can feel the contrast in maturity.

Letting go is loving yourself and others

Some of us growing up have met a lot of people. These are people that have crossed path with us along the way of our early years. And sometimes, we get the feeling that the world is really small because we keep on running into people we know everywhere we go. I think that’s just a warm way to greet people, by acknowledging that the world is small; the world is actually really big. But when we do run back into some of the peers we had once dealt business with, sometimes we get the feeling that the people is still the same people that we last interacted with a few years ago. It feels weird. It feels weird because we have grown as a person but their only recollection of us is the personality that was displayed in the past. We as humans tend to choose the path of least resistance. And as a result, sometimes it is just easier and more comfortable to click back to our old self. Letting go of someone you love is not an easy thing. It takes a special kind of firmness while caring for both parties.

Loving yourself the right way

Have someone ever given you the advice to “get out of your comfort zone” if you want to change? What does this loving phrase mean? Well, here is a perspective. You are the person you have always presented yourself as. They are not familiar with your growth and changes. If you choose to interact with your changed self, this requires discomfort in a sense that there will be friction between you and those of the past who have not changed. When the understanding comes closer, there will be less friction. If the understanding is not there and you feel that they are in objection of you, I will say that these people don’t love you and are unsupportive of your growth.

We ultimately want to improve ourselves and adopt values that we have submitted to believing. That is the whole point of living and learning, isn’t it? We cannot force others to accept our changes, as we are not living for others but ourselves, right? If the environment is unsupportive of our growth and maturity, it is time to move on. Because in the new environment, you get to be you.

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