Raise your vibration: You and your rhythm

Get in the zone

Have you guys ever listened to music so intensely focused that you feel “moved” by everything about it. The feeling is like as if you are merged with the beat. You, your mind, and body. It’s a great feeling right? It’s almost like as if you’ve went in the zone. Transient and powerful, yet can feel so beautiful. You might even see, internally a reflection, an illustration while syncing with the beat. But while you’re in this vibe, you know what else is changing internally as well? That glass of water right next to your speaker. Raise that glass as you raise your vibration!

What’s in the zone?

  • First, look up Masaru Emoto’s research study on effects music have on water molecules. https://masaru-emoto.net/en/science-of-messages-from-water/
  • 60% of our body is water. 92% of our blood is water.
  • Blood and water is basically what keeps us alive.
  • Blood and water travels throughout our body doing things.

You see, I don’t think it matters if the water is inside a glass or if it in inside your a**. The structure of the water will still change! Now this kind of brings a next level meaning to “music is life” doesn’t it? It’s the critical break down of that phrase. Just from strictly this correlation alone, here are several takeaways.

  • The type of music we listen to defines us. As a matter of fact, it is in a sense who we are.
  • Music literally moves you!
  • Music can shape up your mind, body, soul?
  • If music in essence is sound in different frequency, then as the creator of music designs the piece, the listener can have the same feeling, in magnitude, as to the creator. Music in this sense is a bonding intermediary. Either you raise your vibrations or others raise to yours. (Don’t believe this applies to songs with lyrics as accurately, however)

Music as we understand, is a cultural tone setter. It naturally sets the tone for what is wanted to be expressed. So pick great tracks and manifest positivity! It’s a beautiful life! How does this make you feel?

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