Who we are : You Are What You Consistently Do

What is character development?

We may not realize this, but it is very true. We are humans full of energy. Where does this energy come from? When we digest the expression, “You are what you eat”, we understand that food gives us the energy to DO STUFF! Maybe we will then realize the importance of why we need to be careful of what we put into our mouths. This energy, fueled by food, is what drives the cells in our body to work. They work so that allows you to read this post. They work to allow you to make many decisions throughout the day. Choosing the kind of food to eat, this choice, is by itself a decision. We make this decision regularly, on average, at least three times a day. So if you consistently fuel yourself with good food, good on you. Because your next decisions are going to be built on top of another good decision. This is a good basis to build on top of and is what repetition is good for. But it does not equate to “eating unhealthy foods results in bad decisions”. To summarize a point, in reference to this post’s title, you are consistently making decisions to eat good food, therefore “you are a good food eater”. That is who you are, revolving around the aspect of food. Similarly, behaviors on repetition is character development. Who we are is defined by our behaviors.

Healthy habits to start defining who we are

Say that you have developed a habit for leaving your home just so you will make it to school or work or an appointment right on the dot. Perhaps 10% of these occurrences falls in 10 minutes past the appointed time but still lands within the grace. Perhaps just 2% of total times you’ve shown up for was late. Are you still a punctual person? Technically, yes you are a punctual person, because on paper, you have shown to be responsibly punctual. This is not a healthy habit. But in actuality, you know yourself best. Seem more like a risk taker to me.

They say actions are louder than words. They also will tell you to put money where your mouth is, which brings up a different subject for another day. And if we are putting the pieces together, one can infer that it is just as important to be careful of what comes out of our mouth, that is who we are, not just what goes into our mouths. Practice makes perfect. It is good virtue to let live, or “you do you”.

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