Losing control, never again: The power of no

Set boundaries and find peace

As I am beginning to type this up, I am coming up with so many different titles that I would like to be up there instead. Such as: “Being the CEO of your own life”, or “The power to forge your destiny”. Or “Taking back control of your life”. You get the idea. It’s all about knowing when to say yes and no. We grow up in a world where dealing with people is inevitable, whether at work or during your personal time buying groceries. Even if you’ve chosen a path of least (dealing with people) resistances, at some point while making a decision, you will factor in someone else’s actions and decisions to yours. We cannot control who we will run into. We cannot control the decisions that others will make. And neither can we control whether these decisions are going to have an impact on us. It takes conscious will for others to make a decision. That means they have said yes to themselves prior to acting it out; what we say no to, is setting boundaries. Saying yes to what is unwanted is losing control. Same logic applies to decisions that involves others. We can influence the outcome of other’s decisions, in which also takes conscious effort, so that it becomes more in favor of your desires. You do you.

Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind.

Casey Neistat

Knowing your worth

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